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Mens 55-59 Doubles
Karl FatterBadmintonPennsylvania
need partners 80-84 MD and Doubles
Roland James MakibbinBadmintonPennsylvania
Mixed Double partner
Verghese CherianBadmintonPennsylvania
Men's Doubles partner needed
Walter MorganBowlingPennsylvania
women's doubles partner needed MN
Karin PaceBowlingPennsylvania
Need a Mens Doubles Pickleball Partner
Mike JonesPickleballPennsylvania
MXD partner for Natl's
Bill EukerPickleballPennsylvania
55-59 male part needed for MN nationals
Jim BerlinPickleballPennsylvania
Women's Doubles Partner 55-59
Cathy NoblePickleballPennsylvania
need a mens doubles partner
Gregory MooreRacquetballPennsylvania
Need Mixed Doubles Partner
Scott OwensRacquetballPennsylvania
Ladies Doubles tennis
Linda KocherTennisPennsylvania
Men Doubles Tennis Looking for Partner 90-94
William NicolaiTennisPennsylvania
Looking for a team
Scott OwensVolleyballPennsylvania
55+ women team is looking for a player
Alena SikorovaVolleyballPennsylvania
VB team looking for 55's player
Tami BarkerVolleyballPennsylvania
Mens 50+ VB
Tyler HouselVolleyballPennsylvania
Volleyball (M looking for 60+ team)
Kono MoroskyVolleyballPennsylvania
need players
Pat MusselmanVolleyballPennsylvania
volleyball M 55 +
Chris BiwojnoVolleyballPennsylvania