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Male Badminton partner needed for IOWA
Ruby MossBadmintonMissouri
Need mx db partner for Indiana games 65-69
Connie Reker BadmintonMissouri
Indiana Games, MXD, 70-74
Ruby MossBadmintonMissouri
Mixed Bowling Partner Needed
Donna Hufendick BowlingMissouri
Need Doubles partner
Rick BurrowsBowlingMissouri
Neet Mixed Doubles Partner for Nationals in Minneapolis July, 2015
Janet ShominPickleballMissouri
Need mx. db partner for Indiana games
Connie RekerPickleballMissouri
Seeking mixed doubles and/or female doubles partner
Ann FingerhoodRacquetballMissouri
michael bruceShuffleboardMissouri
Softball Team needs players 60 and over
Cindy ClaymanSoftballMissouri
Need mx. db partner for Indiana games
Connie RekerTable TennisMissouri
Table Tennis MXD, IOWA Games, 70-74
RUBY MOSSTable TennisMissouri
Indiana Games, Table Tennis MXD, 70-74
Ruby P. MossTable TennisMissouri