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Looking for Mixed Partner for 60-64 for National Games 2015 already qualified
Don TongBadmintonCalifornia
Looking for WD partner 50-54
Serena WongBadmintonCalifornia
David HallBasketballCalifornia
3 0n 3 0r 5 0n 5 Basketball
Anthony M. WilliamsBasketballCalifornia
55+ basketball free agent
Lourdes SalinasBasketballCalifornia
Looking for Women 55+ Basketball players
Maria EtheredgeBasketballCalifornia
looking for league or team basketball
John RiosBasketballCalifornia
Curtis JohnsonBasketballCalifornia
Over 65 --SF Bay Area--seeking a team or open game
Stephen RosenfieldBasketballCalifornia
Over 65 --SF Bay Area--seeking a team or open game
Stephen RosenfieldBasketballCalifornia
Ross mooreBasketballCalifornia
Looking for 65+ player
Louise JonesBasketballCalifornia
Looking for a Basketball team to join
Evan NearBasketballCalifornia
looking for team
Rosiland Crear&carolynBasketballCalifornia
Seeking 50-55 women's basketball players
Margie RoginskiBasketballCalifornia
Seeking 50-54 women's basketball players
Margie RoginskiBasketballCalifornia
Need tall female for 50's division team
JAY SWONGERBowlingCalifornia
Doubles partner Bowling, Pickleball
Bruce jarvisBowlingCalifornia
Male Doubles Partner
David RegulBowlingCalifornia
Men's Doubles Partner
David RegulBowlingCalifornia
men's 75+ doubles
Hank PalmerPickleballCalifornia
Need MXD and WD partner
Kathleen BrundoPickleballCalifornia
Need Mixed Partner for MN Pickleball Nationals
Duff DanilovichPickleballCalifornia
Need doubles partner.
Gary DuffieldRacquetballCalifornia
PE Teacher interested in any and all sports.
Stephen FordSoftballCalifornia
Softball Womens 50+
Lisa OSoftballCalifornia
Looking for a team 65 women's
Barbara RuzicSoftballCalifornia
Looking to join a team - BASEBALL (not softball)
Mark FreemanSoftballCalifornia
Need men's dbls partner 70-74 for MN
Jerrell CroskreyTable TennisCalifornia
need mixed double partner for table tennis
Zita J. FosterTable TennisCalifornia
Looking for Male Mixed Double Partner
Zita J. FosterTable TennisCalifornia
mens doubles partner wanted
hiroshi moriyasuTable TennisCalifornia
Looking for man and woman double partners
Denwun LinTable TennisCalifornia
Need male and female partners
Denwun LinTable TennisCalifornia
Women Doubles Partner
Chiyako SuzukiTable TennisCalifornia
Mixed Doubles partner
Zita Jurgen Table TennisCalifornia
Find women dbls partner( usatt rating sure be +1700)
Si Hong CheongTable TennisCalifornia
Mens ddbls partner wanted 65 - 74 for national in MN
Hiroshi MoriyasuTable TennisCalifornia
Need partner for Doubles Mens Tennis 80-84
Lewis ArnoldTennisCalifornia
Looking for women's and mixed doubles partners
Kay GoodmanTennisCalifornia
Mens Volleyball 55+ or 60+
Bruce Hearn VolleyballCalifornia