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Mens or Mixed Double Badminton Partner
John SmithBadmintonTexas
Looking for a team to join
looking for team
Jerry DugganBasketballTexas
Looking for a team
Chris PearsonBasketballTexas
KEITH JUDGEBasketballTexas
Basketball - team
KEITH JUDGEBasketballTexas
Putting together a men's basketball
Ken ThurmanBasketballTexas
50-59 3 ON 3 Basketball Team
Tony G. MartinezBasketballTexas
Looking to join 75-80 age group Team for Nationals
Hector RamosBasketballTexas
David MelberBasketballTexas
partner for bowling--shuffelboard
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Bowling / Shuffelboard doubles partners.
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Doubles partner
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Doubles partner/ male and female.
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
doubles partners
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Bowling Mixed Doubled
Cindy McbrideBowlingTexas
Doubles partner
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Doubles partner
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Doubles Partners
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
JOE RUIZBowlingTexas
Training partner
Jerry LevinsonCyclingTexas
Need male doubles partner
Richard J JanishPickleballTexas
Need female doubles partner
Richard J JanishPickleballTexas
Texas Senior Games
Roselyn WarePickleballTexas
Need Doubles Partner
Joe WhillockPickleballTexas
Women's Doubles 65+
jeannie DiamondPickleballTexas
Bruce KerrPickleballTexas
Need Womens Doubles Partner
Shirley WaterhousePickleballTexas
need male & female parnter
J D GerkenPickleballTexas
Texas State Senior Games
Men's Doubles NSGA Pickleball
Larry HoneycuttPickleballTexas
Need Mens Doubles 80+ partner
Dominick GrecoPickleballTexas
Racquetball W Dbls & Mixed Dbls Partner needed
Marcia CrossRacquetballTexas
Doubles partner
Ed StephensShuffleboardTexas
Shuffleboard Partner Needed
Bill SchroederShuffleboardTexas
partner./ mixed/ bowling-& shuffelboard
Ed StephensShuffleboardTexas
Looking for a 70/65 Team at National
Tommy JohnSoftballTexas
David MelberSoftballTexas
Looking for 50-59 softball team to play for in San Antonio, Tx.
Elias VillegasSoftballTexas
table tennis
fanny zheng Table TennisTexas
Doubles Partner, male or female
DON DOYLETable TennisTexas
Table Tennis Doubles Partner
Gary RogersTable TennisTexas
Need Female Partner (60-64)
Gary StevensTable TennisTexas
Need Mens TT Player (60-64)
Gary StevensTable TennisTexas
Mixed Doubles Partner Needed 55
James LamptonTennisTexas
Mens Doubles Partner
Oscar TrevinoTennisTexas
Looking for a team for Senior Nationals
Dennis J ReedVolleyballTexas
Player looking to play w/50+ volleyball for San Antonio, TX games
Susan KerrVolleyballTexas