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60-64 Basketball
Vince RuaArcheryNew York
Womens And Mixed Doubles 55-59
Tina ThomasBadmintonLouisiana
Need MD partner 60-64
Jin-chung HsuBadmintonMaryland
Partner WD 55-59
Cheryl FisherrBadmintonIllinois
Minneapolis senior games
Bob ClarkBadmintonCanada
Badminton - Mixed Doubles
Rajan srinivasanBadmintonKentucky
Need lady mixed doubles partner
Bland AddisonBadmintonMassachusetts
Mixed Doubles Partner
Ganesh GuptaBadmintonConnecticut
Woman MxD Partner Wanted
Alan TeohBadmintonHawaii
partner needed for mixed doubles
Michael T. MalynBadmintonNew York
need mixed partner
Michael T. MalynBadmintonNew York
Men's Doubles 65-69
Jerry MelaragnoBadmintonNew Mexico
Male Badminton partner needed for IOWA
Ruby MossBadmintonMissouri
Iowa games, MX db 65-69
Connie RekerBadmintonAlabama
Mixed Double partner
Verghese CherianBadmintonPennsylvania
Need mx db partner for Indiana games 65-69
Connie Reker BadmintonMissouri
Indiana Games, MXD, 70-74
Ruby MossBadmintonMissouri
need partner MD 65-69
Grant TaggardBadmintonColorado
Mens Doubles partner 55-59
Roger GoettlBadmintonArizona
Sam LiewBadmintonColorado
NC State games - need mx'd dbls partner 60-64
Janice ClaytonBadmintonNorth Carolina
Looking for WD partner 50-54
Lulu BourrustBadmintonColorado
womans double
patricia ortleppBadmintonNew York
Need 55-59 WD & MXD Partners
Wendy Barrow-SmithBadmintonAlabama
Badminton MXD Female Partner Needed
Buzz BiszantzBadmintonIndiana
Looking for MXD Partner
Carl BiszantzBadmintonIndiana
I need You 65+ Lady as my XD partner.
Sammy PonnusamyBadmintonAlabama
Mens or Mixed Double Badminton Partner
John SmithBadmintonTexas
Need a partner for MD and MXD
John OrchardBadmintonWisconsin
need partners 80-84 MD and Doubles
Roland James MakibbinBadmintonPennsylvania
need Female Doubles Partner -70-74
Tony HouseBadmintonNew York
Looking for WD partner 50-54
Serena WongBadmintonCalifornia
Looking for partner -- 65-69 MD and XD
Henry BernsteinBadmintonLouisiana
MSD Doubles Partner Needed
Bernard SnayBadmintonMichigan
Male Partner for MD 60+
David GoldshawBadmintonCanada
Are you Looking for MD 60-64 Badminton Partner? I am!
David GoldshawBadmintonCanada
Looking for mixed doubles partner
Jan BalBadmintonIowa
Looking for 60-64 XD female partner
David GoldshawBadmintonCanada
need female partner
ROBERTO LEEBadmintonVirginia
Looking for teams
3 0n 3 0r 5 0n 5 Basketball
Anthony M. WilliamsBasketballCalifornia
Need 70+ Post Player (Men)
Ron HagermanBasketballColorado
Need 2-3 Men's 50+ Basketball Players
Mike MusaryBasketballMichigan
65 men's basketball
Dale Moehring BasketballAlabama
Need a team
Don HoeppnerBasketballWisconsin
Don HoeppnerBasketballWisconsin
70+ Women's team needs another player
Kathleen EatonBasketballIllinois
Putting together a men's basketball
Ken ThurmanBasketballTexas
50-59 3 ON 3 Basketball Team
Tony G. MartinezBasketballTexas
Looking for a team to join
60+ Player Available
Hannah PhillipsBasketballVeterans
Darnell ClevengerBasketballMichigan
Want to play basketball
Bob HerbersBasketballMinnesota
Looking for a Basketball team to join
Evan NearBasketballCalifornia
looking for team
Jerry DugganBasketballTexas
Looking for a team
Chris PearsonBasketballTexas
Basketball - team
KEITH JUDGEBasketballTexas
60-65 basketba
David duffyBasketballIllinois
KEITH JUDGEBasketballTexas
Wayne PresleyBasketballLouisiana
Need tall female for 50's division team
Need a guard, men's 65-69
Charlie CooperBasketballMaryland
60-64 Qualified player needs team
Rich McCreedyBasketballHawaii
Need basketball forwards and centers
cliff shinBasketballHawaii
Looking for a 70+ Basketball Team to Join
David crumBasketballWashington
61 yr old Woman looking for basketball team
Barbara Lisehora MarkelzBasketballConnecticut
need a team
David HoffmanBasketballIndiana
Eric Anthony Johnson BasketballNorth Carolina
Need a 6'5 + center for 55+ 3 on 3
Paul MooneyBasketballNew Mexico
looking for team
Rosiland Crear&carolynBasketballCalifornia
Seeking 50-55 women's basketball players
Margie RoginskiBasketballCalifornia
Seeking 50-54 women's basketball players
Margie RoginskiBasketballCalifornia
seeking players for 80+
John BarsellBasketballHawaii
Women's 3x3 Basketball
Cecelia M. AndersonBasketballNew Mexico
Seeking Team
Jim Mayer BasketballIllinois
Basketball player
Earl RinkerBasketballNew Hampshire
70+ Team Needs Player
Bill BrennanBasketballIowa
Versatile, High IQ 6'5" Looking for a team
Reggie DavisBasketballCalifornia
Want to join 55+ women's team
Leslie BasketballOklahoma
Looking to join women's team
3 on 3
Constantine PergantisBasketballFlorida
looking for 0ne 80+ player
Carl LingBasketballNew Jersey
Men's 70+ 3-on-3 basketball team needs one player
Rafie PodolskyBasketballConnecticut
David MelberBasketballTexas
We need players for the National Games (Men's 50+ Basketball Div.)
Marcus WebsterBasketballMaryland
Carl JonesBasketballOhio
Looking to join 75-80 age group Team for Nationals
Hector RamosBasketballTexas
60-65 Basketball - seek team
Jim MayerBasketballIllinois
Female Doubles or Mixed Doubles
Cheryl RolleBowlingNorth Carolina
partner for bowling--shuffelboard
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
looking for Womens Doubles Partner
Brenda ThompsonBowlingSouth Dakota
Doubles partner
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Mens Doubles
Danny JonesBowlingIllinois
SAM SMITHBowlingOhio
Need female for mixed doubles
Rick ParschenBowlingOhio
Bowling / Shuffelboard doubles partners.
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
doubles partners
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Looking for Mixed Doubles Partner
Rick ParschenBowlingOhio
Doubles partner/ male and female.
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Mixed Bowling team partner
Rick ParschenBowlingOhio
Needs Woman Doubles Partner
Bernie SchuetteBowlingKansas
Men's Doubles partner needed
Walter MorganBowlingPennsylvania
Doubles Partner
Charles WindleyBowlingDistrict of Columbia
males doubles partner for nationals
Frank VitoBowlingNew Mexico
Mixed Doubles partner for MN
Francesca WilsonBowlingNew Mexico
looking for partners for bowling
Chuck LunkenheimerBowlingMinnesota
Need a mixed doubles partner 55-59
Sharman DysonBowlingMaryland
Need a Male Mixed Double Bowling Partner
Lois HeineBowlingAlaska
Bowling Mixed Doubled
Cindy McbrideBowlingTexas
need a male partner for mixed doubles
Sheila StormoBowlingCanada
Need Doubles and Mixed Doubles Partner
Richard MarshBowlingKansas
Bowling Doubles Parner
Elizabeth ToddBowlingNorth Carolina
Doubles Bowling Parner
Elizabeth ToddBowlingNorth Carolina
Doubles partner
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
woman partner
Dorthy Kerr BowlingDelaware
Doubles Partners
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
JOE RUIZBowlingTexas
Need female mixed doubles partner 75-79
Lawrence DraegerBowlingFlorida
mixed bowling
george freemanBowlingAlabama
Mixed Bowling Partner Needed
Donna Hufendick BowlingMissouri
women's doubles partner needed MN
Karin PaceBowlingPennsylvania
Need Doubles partner
Rick BurrowsBowlingMissouri
Need a Male Mixed Double Bowling Partner
Alice R WalkerBowlingSouth Carolina
Doubles partner
Ed StephensBowlingTexas
Male Bowler Partner
M R WalkerBowlingSouth Carolina
Bowling Mixed Doubles
Wendell ThompsonBowlingOklahoma
Looking for a Double Partner
Don SperlichBowlingSouth Dakota
Training partner
Jerry LevinsonCyclingTexas
Share Driving from Florida to MNPL
Rose Marie RayCyclingAlabama
Partner Needed
Nancy JordanPickleballAlabama
Pickleball Mixed Doubles
Tom ReuterPickleballColorado
Men's and mixed doubles partner for nationals
Rick Johnson PickleballNevada
Will play down in age braCKET
Mel GossPickleballNew Hampshire
Partner needed mens doubles and / or mixed doubles
Mel GossPickleballNew Hampshire
need partner
Nona WrightPickleballOregon
WD 60-64 partner Natl's in Minneapolis
Cheryl LeinesPickleballCalifornia
Need Mens Doubles 80+ partner
Dominick GrecoPickleballTexas
Need woman partner for MIxed, 60-69
Ron WendoloskiPickleballTennessee
Need Female partner
Kenneth PeacockPickleballAlabama
Sr. Nat'ls Female partner 60-64
Cheryl LeinesPickleballCalifornia
female partner
Virginia TroesterPickleballNevada
Need a female partner 70-74 for mixed doubles
JamesPickleballNew Mexico
mixed doubles partner
Rick PotterPickleballWest Virginia
Men's Doubles NSGA Pickleball
Larry HoneycuttPickleballTexas
Mixed Doubles Partner
Dennis LouiePickleballCalifornia
Men's Dbls Partner Needed 55-59 Today!
Bryan RicePickleballSouth Dakota
Pickleball partner needed
Barbara WintroubPickleballCalifornia
pickleball mixed partner
SUSAN GAPENPickleballFlorida
Need Doubles Partner
Joe WhillockPickleballTexas
National Games
Chris ThomasPickleballMinnesota
Women's Doubles 65+
jeannie DiamondPickleballTexas
need female partner
Thomas GearhartPickleballMinnesota
need partner for mens doubles
chuck abbottPickleballColorado
need partner for the mixed doubles
chuck abbott PickleballColorado
Need woman's partner 55-59
Mary Jane SlayPickleballTennessee
Need female partner for mixed doubles
JamesPickleballNew Mexico
Texas Senior Games
Roselyn WarePickleballTexas
Need male doubles partner
Richard J JanishPickleballTexas
Need female doubles partner
Richard J JanishPickleballTexas
need dbls women 70+
Mary HendrixPickleballTennessee
Need Female Partner(5.0) for Mixed Doubles
Ben ParkPickleballIllinois
MXD partner 65-69
Denis MillerPickleballColorado
Female or Male Doubles Partner
Melvin GossPickleballMassachusetts
Need Mixed Doubles Partner 75-79 Age group
Paul HoggattPickleballArizona
Nat'l Senior Games
Pierre (Pj) BoudreauxPickleballLouisiana
Bruce KerrPickleballTexas
Female for MX doubles
kenneth peacockPickleballMinnesota
Texas State Senior Games
Mens Doubles
Bernard SnayPickleballMichigan
55-59 male part needed for MN nationals
Jim BerlinPickleballPennsylvania
Mens Doubles
Josh KalinPickleballFlorida
Mens Doubles skill 4.0 age 66
Pat MurphyPickleballArizona
Need Womens Doubles Partner
Shirley WaterhousePickleballTexas
Texas State games
JoAnn Koch PickleballLouisiana
need male & female parnter
J D GerkenPickleballTexas
Mens Doubles Partner 4.5 up
Gregory RayPickleballWisconsin
Male partner for nationals
Richard JacksonPickleballTennessee
Male partner 75-79
RichardJackson PickleballTennessee
Male partner for nationals
Richard JacksonPickleballAlabama
Need 70+ Female for NSG mixed in Mnpls
Mike LouiePickleballMinnesota
Men's Doubles partner 60+ Pickleball
Steve BallmannPickleballOhio
Women's Doubles 60-64 Pickleball 3.0
Tammy BallmannPickleballOhio
Need male mixed doubles partner for 60-64.
Terry WiechmanPickleballKansas
Need male mixed doubles partner for 60-64.
Terry WiechmanPickleballKansas
Pickelball Partner Mixed
David SchmidtPickleballCalifornia
Pickle Ball
Gregory RayPickleballWisconsin
Need a female mixed double 65-69 or 70-74
JamesPickleballNew Mexico
Doubles partner needed for ladies 60-64 at Nationals
Tammy BallmannPickleballOhio
Mixed dbls MN Ntls partner wanted 65-69
Bob SmutkaPickleballMinnesota
Mens Dbls Pickleball
Pat MurphyPickleballArizona
mx, wm 55 - 59
Cindy LoffelPickleballNew Jersey
Need mx. db partner for Indiana games
Connie RekerPickleballMissouri
Seeking 70+ Female mixed partner
Mike LouiePickleballIllinois
mixed doubles 50-54 senior games Minnesota
Justin GastelPickleballNew York
Women's Doubles Partner 55-59
Cathy NoblePickleballPennsylvania
womens' doubles partner in pickleball
Elizabeth PetersPickleballMinnesota
Need Womens Doubles Partner for Nationals
Deborah KnoppPickleballUtah
Iowa games, MX db 65-69
Connie RekerPickleballIowa
Mixed Doubles Partner
Tom MyersPickleballVirginia
Men's Doubles
Dennis FinkePickleballSouth Dakota
Pickleball Mixed Doubles Partner Needed
Looking for Mixed Doubles Partner
Duane DuffyPickleballColorado
Male Seeking Female Partner 75 +
Fred IskanderPickleballTennessee
3.5 player needs MD and XD partner 70-74
Charles RyanPickleballNorth Carolina
Female mxd dbls partner needed
Mike KnightPickleballVirginia
70-74 Mixed Doubles Partner Needed
Charles RyanPickleballNorth Carolina
Tony TeaguePickleballNew Mexico
men's 75+ doubles
Hank PalmerPickleballCalifornia
Need Mixed Partner for MN Pickleball Nationals
Duff DanilovichPickleballCalifornia
Mixed Doubles 75+
Fred IskanderPickleballTennessee
Mixed Doubles Partner for NSG
David M ManniPickleballMichigan
Men's Doubles Partner 70-74, posted 3-26-15
Jerry LammersPickleballKansas
Need Mens doubles partner 70-74
Earle PETERSRacquetballMinnesota
racquetball doubles
charles remiingtonRacquetballFlorida
65-69 mixed doubles partner needed
mixed doubles
stu simcoxRacquetballOhio
need racquetball partner, doubles
Homer SpeakerRacquetballWest Virginia
need a mens doubles partner
Gregory MooreRacquetballPennsylvania
Need Mixed Doubles Partner
Scott OwensRacquetballPennsylvania
Mixed Doubles Partner
GEORGE SQUYRES JRRacquetballColorado
need doubles partner
norman lasdaRacquetballNew York
Racquetball W Dbls & Mixed Dbls Partner needed
Marcia CrossRacquetballTexas
Doubles partner
Ed StephensShuffleboardTexas
shuffleboard partner
joe smetankaShuffleboardWest Virginia
Wendell ThompsonShuffleboardOklahoma
need partner
joe smetankaShuffleboardMichigan
Shuffleboard Partner Needed
Bill SchroederShuffleboardTexas
NATLS: Age 50-64? Run 4 Gold? Let's go!
Bill RindoneShuffleboardUtah
Doubles Partner
Myra StowersShuffleboardTennessee
Doubles Partner
Myra StowersShuffleboardTennessee
michael bruceShuffleboardMissouri
doubles partner age 50-69
Robert FasiangShuffleboardIllinois
shuffleboard doubles partner
Robert FasiangShuffleboardIllinois
shuffleboard partner
joe smetankaShuffleboardOhio
partner./ mixed/ bowling-& shuffelboard
Ed StephensShuffleboardTexas
Holly StarksSoftballVirginia
David MelberSoftballTexas
Looking for a team Mens 55 or 50
Don ValentiSoftballOregon
Looking for a team to play with
SHARON S SoftballGeorgia
Looking for 2 players for a 60 plus softball Team
Jack KolbeckSoftballSouth Dakota
team looking for a player
Wendy GoodellSoftballMinnesota
Looking for a 65/70 team for Nationals
Mike Lavis SrSoftballArizona
softball--65--70--75 I play 3 days per week Winter and summer Excellent Pitcher--600 + Hitter I can run team player
Robert AdamsSoftballMinnesota
Ohio Team 50+ looking for 3-4 players.
Kathy KarcherSoftballOhio
Need 50's division female softball player for MN Nationals
Looking for a 70/65 Team at National
Tommy JohnSoftballTexas
Womens Softball Players needed
Lisa OstermanSoftballCanada
Looking to play on a womens 50's softball team
Louise ODonnellSoftballNew Jersey
Softball womens 50's
Louise ODonnellSoftballNew Jersey
Softball Womens 50+
Lisa OSoftballCalifornia
Softball Team needs players 60 and over
Cindy ClaymanSoftballMissouri
Looking for a good team to play with
Bob PenticoSoftballSouth Carolina
Looking for 50-59 softball team to play for in San Antonio, Tx.
Elias VillegasSoftballTexas
4 female players looking for a team
Linda LucasSoftballOhio
Over 50 Softball
Jon LaBeauSoftballMichigan
looking for 60+ softball team in cleveland Ohio
Rick SwieradSoftballOhio
Looking for a team 65 women's
Barbara RuzicSoftballCalifornia
want to play
Bob HerbersSoftballMinnesota
Looking to join a team - BASEBALL (not softball)
Mark FreemanSoftballCalifornia
looking for team for minn july3-16
harry stoddardSoftballMichigan
Ron HarperSoftballAlaska
Need Female Partner (60-64)
Gary StevensTable TennisTexas
Need Mens TT Player (60-64)
Gary StevensTable TennisTexas
Table Tennis Men's Doubles
Bob PrestonTable TennisColorado
mens doubles partner wanted
hiroshi moriyasuTable TennisCalifornia
table tennis
joe smetankaTable TennisWest Virginia
Looking for a female partner for table tennis mixed doubles
Orlanda Terry (male)Table TennisVirginia
Looking for Mixed Doubles Partner
Joseph HawkinsTable TennisVirginia
Doubles and Mixed Partners
Wayne WistrandTable TennisFlorida
Partner needed
Charlie GreenTable TennisMichigan
table tennis
fanny zheng Table TennisTexas
Doubles partner female
Charles R. GreenTable TennisMichigan
Doubles Partner, male or female
DON DOYLETable TennisTexas
Female doubles player required
Lai Fun Lukey-OttTable TennisWashington
Table Tennis
Lai FunTable TennisWashington
Table Tennis Doubles Partner
Gary RogersTable TennisTexas
WAYNE CARNEYTable TennisNew York
Need men's dbls partner 70-74 for MN
Jerrell CroskreyTable TennisCalifornia
Mixed Doubles partners needed 80-84
David GoinTable TennisIowa
Need Women Doubles Partner
Renee SayatovicTable TennisWashington
Mens double partner
Lemon VectiarlisTable TennisOhio
Looking for partners
Charlie GREENTable TennisMichigan
Need male and female partners
Denwun LinTable TennisCalifornia
Looking for man and woman double partners
Denwun LinTable TennisCalifornia
Table Tennis Double and Mix Partner
Gary GudzenkoTable TennisNew York
Indiana Games, Table Tennis MXD, 70-74
Ruby P. MossTable TennisMissouri
Mens ddbls partner wanted 65 - 74 for national in MN
Hiroshi MoriyasuTable TennisCalifornia
Need mx. db partner for Indiana games
Connie RekerTable TennisMissouri
Table Tennis MXD, IOWA Games, 70-74
RUBY MOSSTable TennisMissouri
Iowa games, 65-69 MX db
Connie RekerTable TennisAlabama
doubles & mixed doubles
Julie CouncilTable TennisAlabama
Women's Doubles Partner needed
Kathleen FitzgeraldTable TennisOklahoma
Men's double 55-69 age(my rating 1753)
James WangTable TennisFlorida
Men Doubles Partners
Hung NguyenTable TennisCalifornia
Need female partner for mixed doubles 70 -74
Dave EnglandTable TennisSouth Carolina
table tennis double partner in 85-89 age group needed
Pete AuTable TennisArizona
table tennis double partner
Shih Shang AuTable TennisArizona
womans doubles 65-69
Pat BlewettTennisMinnesota
Lavenia FergusonTennisOhio
Mens Doubles 60-69
larry SteenbergenTennisSouth Carolina
Mixed Doubles Partner Needed 55
James LamptonTennisTexas
Mens Doubles Partner
Oscar TrevinoTennisTexas
Looking for partner MD 70-74
Looking for Men's Doubles Partner 50-59
Mark PollackTennisNew Jersey
need partner for mixed doubles first week- 50-69
robert wittyTennisNew York
Age 75-79
Edith CrumTennisNew Jersey
Need men partner for tennis 55-59
Phao nguyenTennisAlaska
Need men's doubles partner
Bruce BeckerTennisFlorida
70-74 Men's Doubles Partner
Allwyn ChaoTennisHawaii
Looking for Doubles Partner 55-59 Senior Games
Patricia QuezaireTennisWisconsin
Mixed and Men's Doubles Partner
Joe MeuretTennisNebraska
3.0-3.5 Doubles Partner for Nationals
Patricia QuezareTennisWisconsin
Looking for 50-54 men's doubles tennis partner
greg boughtonTennisWyoming
Looking for women's and mixed doubles partners
Kay GoodmanTennisCalifornia
Men's doubles partner for Nationals
Thomas KruseTennisWyoming
Doubles or mixed
Frances Flatau TennisMaryland
Men doubles
David HudsonTennisNew Jersey
Men's Doubles Partner
Jim HeaneyTennisMaryland
need partner for MXD
Jackie (Jacqueline) TommeleinTennisNew Mexico
Ladies Doubles tennis
Linda KocherTennisPennsylvania
Men's Doubles Tennis
Les G. larsonTennisSouth Dakota
Looking for a 70-74 Doubles Partner
Tom JonesTennisAlabama
Wanting to play 50-54 Doubles
Greg LarsonTennisNebraska
Senior Games
Wendy HawleyTennisHawaii
Men Doubles Tennis Looking for Partner 90-94
William NicolaiTennisPennsylvania
Men's 55-59 4X100
Ron HarperTrack & FieldAlaska
Need sprints training/workout partner? Contact me.
Rob BaileyTrack & FieldIndiana
Training Group 800 Meter
Inge FrerichsTrack & FieldColorado
Two runners
Mickey McallisterTrack & FieldSouth Carolina
Need partners for track
Mickey McAllisterTrack & FieldMinnesota
Looking for Regional and State team - Mens 65+
Tracy WitzenburgVolleyballOhio
Middle Hitter Looking For 50s Team
Kevin CollierVolleyballNew York
need players
Pat MusselmanVolleyballPennsylvania
Looking for 60+ woman player
Audrey GavinVolleyballNew York
volleyball M 55 +
Chris BiwojnoVolleyballPennsylvania
Looking for a team for Senior Nationals
Dennis J ReedVolleyballTexas
Kevin CollierVolleyballNew York
57 yo middle available for NSG men's
Ed MaruggiVolleyballNew York
looking for a 70s team
George AldcroftVolleyballNew York
Volleyball (M looking for 60+ team)
Kono MoroskyVolleyballPennsylvania
volleyball team needed 60-65 6'2" OH/M
Don KellerVolleyballColorado
Looking for a team
Denny OBarskyVolleyballGeorgia
Looking for 65+ mens Volleyball team
Tracy WitzenburgVolleyballOhio
Volley Ball
Sarah Mc NeilVolleyballMichigan
Looking for Women's Team - 50
KirstenVolleyballNew Jersey
Mens 50+ VB
Tyler HouselVolleyballPennsylvania
Player looking to play w/50+ volleyball for San Antonio, TX games
Susan KerrVolleyballTexas
volleyball 60+ or 65+
Rob ShewmakerVolleyballArkansas
bill faucettVolleyballSouth Carolina
Mens Volleyball 55+ or 60+
Bruce Hearn VolleyballCalifornia
55's Team Looking for players
Lucy NesterVolleyballVirginia
Looking for a Womens 50's Team