Mary Lauffer

Mary LaufferMary Lauffer, 95
Annapolis, Maryland

Pencil Me In

You would think a golfer would talk first about getting two hole-in-ones in a lifetime.  But Mary Lauffer likes to talk about her pencil collection. You see, her hobby has been to collect one of those skinny scoring pencils at each course she’s ever played.  She has over 400 of them from decades of walking and whacking balls. She loves playing new courses and looks forward to picking up a special pencil when she competes in Cleveland for the 2013 National Senior Games Presented by Humana.

The former PE teacher has always advocated fitness for life and shows the benefits by her example.  Mary inspires everyone around her – follow her story and you will be inspired, too.

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As luck would have it, Mary’s golf competition fell on the same day as our Personal Best presentation in Cleveland. While we missed the opportunity to publicly honor her at our event, we’re happy she had a good time at the Mary Lauffer 2013 National Senior Games Presented by Humana and that she continues to be an admired active senior back in Maryland. In Mary’s words:

I enjoyed Quail Hollow, both the course and the hotel. Everyone was most helpful. Alas, I forgot to keep my pencil! I will have to write to the pro shop and ask them to send me one for my collection.

I played two days with the men because there were no women in my age group available. Their families took pictures and have already sent some to me. As for the golf, the first day was my worst. I three-putted 8 greens! But I came back and took 12 strokes off the next day.

Thanks for the article. A lot of people, including some at my club, have commented that they saw it.